My Approach

The humanistic approach to psychotherapeutic work focusses on the person and the change they desire rather than challenges or difficulties.  It's an approach that holds that every person has the resources within them to make lasting change through developing insight into unhelpful repetitive patterns and then then shifting behaviours for the better.


Diagnosis is replaced with something far more conducive to change – being truly seen by another person.  That experience can be revolutionary, providing a fertile ground for working through challenges, regardless of their tenure.


I take stewardship of the process ensuring that strengths are reinforced and challenges are honestly examined.  I also ensure that what is out of awareness but important can enter the therapy and be critically examined.

We then work in a zone that is neither too difficult nor too easy – a middle ground that is fertile for fostering insight and change.  I ensure we are on the right course, providing safety and an open, sensitive space where the intra-personal becomes interpersonal thus opening up the possibility of change through analysis and insight.

I keep the brain in mind as we work, honouring neurological findings to support lasting change, rather  than quick fixes.


The art of the science of facilitating change is integrating these many domains into a coherent whole that is unique for each individual.

For those more technically minded the foundation of my practice is based on the Australian version of the Conversational Model of psychotherapy as. developed. by Russell Meares.