Gender &
Sexual Stress

Today, there is much more awareness of trans and gender diverse (TGD) people than even a few years ago.  Yet, despite what we would like to believe most people are ignorant about TGD people or hold biased perceptions influenced by a vocal opponents.


This ignorance and opposition can be very familiar to many TGD people – a reminder of similar incidences from earlier in life.  This stress can take a toll, especially for those already coping with other issues.  What can happen is the negativity from others can get internalised leading to a degree of self-loathing rather than self-compassion.


These internalised negative processes can be deceptive and sometimes feel ‘truthful’ leading to a downward spiral that may include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship issues amongst many other potential problems.


Working through these issues can be complex , requiring processing the losses that transition can bring and adjusting to a new way of being in the world, perhaps letting go of long cherished dreams.  It may not be easy to work through these issues but it can be done.

 I create a safe space for you to explore these issues to a depth that feels right for you in that moment. The safe space allows for an honest self-exploration that can foster a way of being in the world where you are less susceptible to the vagaries of the world, becoming the creator of your own destiny.