Gender & Sexual Identity

Gender  and sexual identity is the heart of being human.  Not being seen in the world as you know who you truly are can be heartbreaking and at times intolerable.


Maybe there is so much pain that action is needed and the questions becomes not what do I but how do I do it.


Perhaps it feels like there would be a betrayal to those close to you to start living as your true self, or maintaining employment seems impossible so the struggle continues, hoping that ‘it’ can be beaten.  But the need remains, until the first tentative steps are taken to explore possibilities…


Or perhaps, ‘it’ feels unknowable, but knowing that ‘it’ needs to be examined and understanding gained and options explored – a journey of discovery.


And maybe, some combination of the above or someplace different.


Perhaps both grief and joy are present, maybe even guilt, perhaps excitement or relief and perhaps shame.


And ‘it’ could be more about feeling free to love who you choose, while knowing some in your life will be disappointed or even hurt.  Then exploring that journey.


Everyone is different in their experience.


What I offer during this process is an open space to explore possibility without any agenda or preconceived notions – an allowing without judgement built from years of experience of working with trans, gender/sexual diverse people.