Family &

It’s not unreasonable to say that quality of our relationships is a proxy for the quality of our lives.  Yet, developing and maintaining strong healthy relationships can be one of life’s biggest challenges.  The dynamics of a relationship not only emerge from the present  but from past relationships especially from our family of origin.  This is the inevitable result of our neurological heritage and we all learn as we go to more effectively sort the past from the present.


However, our ways of interacting with people can sometimes seem to always fall into familiar unhelpful patterns despite the best intentions otherwise.  It can feel as though people don’t understand or don’t care  or are unwilling to change and it seems to happen all too often.


Working through these issues can be about moving on or changing another’s perspective but in can also be about understanding what, how and and why we ‘do’ relationships and family the way we do.


The dynamics emerging outside will likely manifest inside the therapy space and then be looked at in a more dispassionate way that can lead to lasting change.