Anxiety &

To a greater or lesser extent we all experience anxiety, it is a natural response that alerts us to be prepared for something.  Sometimes though, these feelings linger, perhaps giving a sense of being at their mercy.  Anxiety can manifest in many forms, perhaps butterflies in the stomach or the fear of certain people or situations., and perhaps even panic attacks..  The consequences of anxiety reach far beyond the feelings that linger.  Oftentimes it becomes ‘safer’ to avoid certain things in order to escape the anxious feelings which paradoxically only reinforces the hold of those feelings. 


Similarly to anxiety, depression can range from mild to severe.   While sadness is part of the human condition perhaps arising from disappointment or losses depression can descend when these losses or disappointment seem pervasive and feel like that nothing will change in the future.  Sometimes, a malaise can arise that constrains enjoyment and blinds us to the possibilities of the future.  It can feel as though we are operating in a kind of fog where everyday activities can feel burdensome and possibly pointless.


Working through anxiety and/or depression is usually multi-faceted, involving strategies that address present feelings and then gaining insight into the root causes, otherwise past events can maintain a stranglehold over the present.